Criteria for Evaluating Applicants


The evaluation of the students will be based on the following aspects:

They meet the requirements established in these rules.
Likewise, student applications will be evaluated on the basis of:
2.1 The average grade obtained in their compulsory secondary education. Those students who have obtained an average grade between 7 and 10 will have priority for a scholarship reward; the rest will be selected in order of their obtained grade.
2.2 The order in which they applied (registration date) to the program until the vacancies are filled (24).
2.3 The geographical zone to which they belong. The number of inhabitants in the candidate’s geographical area of origin will be assessed; priority will be given to those students who belong to municipalities with a smaller number of inhabitants.
2.4 It will also be considered valuable if students have completed professional training in the areas of electricity, electronics and mechanics.