The Keep it local program


The goal of this program, developed by EDPR and Vestas is to subsidize the Wind Farm Maintenance Technician course given by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE). It is specifically intended for those students living in areas with low population density and low levels of employment in the municipalities where the wind farms are installed. In addition to contributing to the professional training of these students—who in their current situation would not have access to specialized education programs Keep it local also aims to facilitate their access to the working world through the possibility of considering their profiles to be candidates in the selection processes in the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) departments in both EDPR and Vestas.

With this goal in mind, EDPR, in collaboration with Vestas, announces the first edition of the Keep it local program, with the following objectives:
To demonstrate
how students and education are factors in combating rural flight.
To contribute
to the professional development of students in areas with a low population density and to facilitate their access to the job market, taking advantage of the development of renewable energy projects in rural areas.
To provide
professional training to young people living in demographically disadvantaged areas.
To present
the idea of young people at a risk of labor-market exclusion as drivers and catalysts of the rural economy.
To draw
attention to the achievements of organizations combating rural flight in the context of education and training.