Vestas’ Stance on the Matter


As a global leader in wind farm solutions, Vestas has also chosen to lead the transition to a carbon-free and sustainable society. Beyond the benefits of the energy we generate, as an organization composed of human beings, we consider the well-being, health and safety of our employees a fundamental pillar of our sustainability strategy.

As a part of this line of action and driven by our new slogan—“Sustainability in everything we do”—in January 2020 we became the first wind turbine manufacturer to set ambitious, long-term goals to build the safest, most diverse and most inclusive work environment possible.

In addition, following Millennium Development Goal 7, we believe that the energy transition must also be a fair transition. Therefore, our field actions also prioritize having a positive impact on the communities where we operate.

With this in mind, the Keep it local initiative contributes to improving the professional training and future prospects of employees in the wind energy sector, while generating long-term green jobs in rural areas currently at risk of social and labor market exclusion.